• Neuro for Kids (at heart)

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You are almost half-way home!
Keep it up!

You are very close to completing this maze!

  1. Correct answers ALWAYS take you closer to the Maze Exit. Wrong answers take you further away.
  2. Seeing a question AGAIN? You MIGHT have been right the FIRST time! (try your answer again- it may turn GREEN).
  3. If you choose the same WRONG answer TWO TIMES in a row, it turns RED!
  4. The GRID shows where you started and your current location. Look for the half-way & nearing home mileposts.
  5. Note: The MAZE EXIT could be in ANY room in the maze/grid. Going in circles? Use the TIPS. Look things up!
  6. At the Maze Exit: CLICK the RED BUTTON to see how you did. Content and answers for the entire maze are provided.


You made one wrong turn too many... Please click HERE to restart at the Maze Entrance.


  CLICK HERE for ALL Answers & Explanations  

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Now see if your actual kids can do it -- you can help them! And try other K12 games under Just for Fun!

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