College Students having fun learning from MazeFire Digital Maze Games in class

Transition from Wondering to KNOWING

Our {{toTalMazesCount}}+ Digital Maze Games put YOUR 20 billion neocortical neurons to work for YOU! And get 200 questions SMARTER with one of our Semester Paks, under COLLECTIONS.

Teachers and Students LOVE our Maze Games!

“[Your Biology101 Semester Pak] provides some nice content for students to review at home or in study groups […] I would generally encourage Biology majors (and professors) to use this collection as a refresher resource as students advance to higher level courses.”

– Dr. Melissa McElligott (NU Biology Professor)

“It makes me think of the question and apply my knowledge rather than just reading what I think I already know (and sometimes don’t).”

– Neuro Student

“They were educational, simple and fun; my students will enjoy them.”

– Dr. Teresa Murray (LSU Health, School of Medicine)

Students rated MazeFire Mazes 4 out of 5 as compared to other study tools, such as:

- Index Cards: 2.1

- Khan Academy or Other Videos: 3.0

- Textbooks and PDFs: 2.5

“Providing the maze games was an extremely effective way for to me to learn the material.”

“I actually really like them […] I think the ambiguity is helpful because it kind of simulates an exam.”

“Maze games were helpful and a great way to quiz myself before exams.”

– Bio Students

“I found it to be very useful! It is certainly easier to stay focused with an interactive activity like a maze […] It’s a much more appealing test of comprehension.”

– Neuro Student

“It is definitely a great way to learn and not know you are doing it.”

– Cáit Ní Chléirigh PhD (MicroLabs)

Confused? See the video!

How to play?

MEDscience, a premier premedical institute working out of Harvard Medical School, offers immersive experiences for Boston area high school students and STEM educators. The MEDscience Physiology Pak samples basic and clinical aspects of physiology and medicine and could be YOUR first step towards a career in medicine (

From the Red Baron to the F117 Nighthawk, if you love fighter jets, Military Air 101 is for you! You'll find cool trivia and lots of history in this popular game - from the first airplane launched off a ship to the AC130 (aka Puff the Magic Dragon).

Authored in consultation with UK's Tim Darvill, this tour of the mysterious Stonehenge (just off A303 near Wiltshire) explores its secrets and construction and offers a glimpse into the talents and minds of our ancient brethren.

Praised by NU Neurobiology students, Neuro: MidTerm tests your knowledge of central visual processing, synaptic signaling and the organization of the retina. Neuro Level1 is easier and you should play Neuro FOR Kids with your kids!

Featured Games
Engages the child's curiosity, but some questions will challenge adults so we encourage you to play Science FOR Kids WITH your kids - you will have fun and they will learn something from you, perhaps about tides or Pluto or the Venus Flytrap!

Bio101 Semester Pak spans a typical first semester biology course and includes 10 mazes ranging from genetics to membranes to cell signaling. Great review for SAT, MCAT or your next Biology Course.



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