Our patented Digital Maze game is a universal learning algorithm that offers benefit across many recreational, commercial and educational domains by leading players/students to think more deeply about what they do and do not know. We welcome queries from publishers, on-line educators and investors who'd like to work with MazeFire LLC to accelerate new educational offerings. Informal education, including Consumer Health (for the public good) and Automated-Customer Education (for businesses large and small) constitutes another domain where Maze Games can motivate and educate students of all ages and backgrounds.

Early Contributors. MazeFire aims to epitomize Academic Quality by co-authoring or consulting with such experts as Tim Darvill (Stonehenge Mysteries), (History of the Civil War Maze1) and Lt. Col. Ingrid Centurion / Centurion Technologies (Military AirPower 101 and 102). Content has also been generously contributed by attorneys from several top patent law firms (see Patent Law 101 and 102). Most games (from our first 50) were generated at Northeastern University by Prof. Donald O'Malley (working with a number of undergrads including Nareh Sahakian, Kim Cataldo and Amy Stedman), while Prof. Barbara Waszczak was principal author of our Pharmacology 101 Paklet. We collaborate with educators across New England, such as Meridian Academy in Boston, and MEDscience at Harvard Medical School (MEDscience Physiology Pak, coming soon), and are working to grow our collection into a world-class Academic Resource.

Authors and Publishers. On-Line content is of considerable value when offering textbooks and other e-learning resources, but this is a low-margin game with fierce competition. Providing maze games for your college subjects (General Chemistry, European History, Introduction to Biology, etc.) can enhance your connection to students and professors. While our current maze games superficially resemble on-line quizzes, there is a tremendous difference: students LIKE to play maze games! Indeed, student feedback (bottom of the Teachers Tab) reflects a fascination with maze homework assignments to where they may ignore other subjects!

Web Presence. What do I need to know about CAT scans? about 3D Printers? about Global Warming? about Civil Law? Whatever the topic, whatever your social or business entity, you can reach out to your current and future clients / students / target audiences and tell them the 20 facts that they really need to know-- about you AND your knowledge domain! MazeFire can complement the efforts of small businesses to inform both employees and customers, while providing refreshing breaks within the larger-scale training programs of government, military and corporate entities.

Every company needs its own DM Game. As DM Games grow in popularity, having a unique listing on will increase in value as with the law firm that intrigues potential customers with a new Start-Up Law 101 Maze. Or the 3D Printing company that displays its wares and acumen with 3D-Printing 101. Or myriad other topics where we can generate custom games VERY quickly, within two days, depending upon scheduling. By offering, in game format, salient facts about your company / business domain / society you engage in a fundamentally new style of automated customer education (like FAQs, but more intriguing and fun). MazeFire works with companies large and small to provide games tailored to their needs, size and locale. Structured license arrangements can sculpt an exclusive outreach domain to your audience.

Outreach and recreational games will add to our collection of permanent, free click-and-play games. Indeed, MazeFire LLC anticipates that most DM Games, including a large suite of educational games, will become part of our permanent free collection because this maximizes outreach for educational, societal and business entities. While proprietary games, e.g. those created by publishers to accompany their on-line textbooks and courses, might require subscriptions, we encourage Societies, NGOs and philanthropic organizations to contact MazeFire to arrange for custom learning tools and resources to benefit clientele for whom technological and educational resources may be limiting.

Maze Levels and Maze Difficulty. We strive to ensure that that all players of your educational/business outreach Maze Games can reach the Maze Exit, where you can highlight important facts and reinforce your accomplishments and capabilities. For deeper instruction, one might provide mazes of increasing difficulty, e.g. Investing 101, Investing 102 and Investing 103. Such mazes can both inform customers, and serve as accessory training materials to aid your company or discipline.

Investors: Going Long on Education. Many technologies face rapid digital obsolescence and educational technologies are no exception. But the Digital Maze game is different. It is not a social fad, not a fleeting technology. Rather, like books and movies, Digital Maze games are enduring knowledge architectures, whose patent protection runs until September 15th, 2029. Moreover, our learning environment resonates with a better and even more durable technology, human neocortex. No technology over the next 15 years is going to replace the need to organize, within our minds, the facts, concepts and cognitive architectures that allow us to function in an increasingly complex world. Multiple choice questions are but one dimension of the fact-oriented information spaces that we will be constructing. Stay Tuned!

US Market vs. Global Competition. While our US Patent covers just the US applications of the DM Games, Global Educators can benefit from an exclusive US DM Game license. As we grow our content base and establish MazeFire as the standard of global Academic Excellence, we will benefit from a competitive position in terms of breadth and depth of knowledge content, as well as pricing. As our game collections rise in Google search rankings, we will increasingly draw visitors to partners' offerings, including their capabilities and resources.

Distance Learning. With the increasing number of opportunities and venues for Distance Learning, including Khan Academy, MOOCs, hybrid courses and online/satellite universities, the need for engaging learning/quizzing/review tools is rapidly increasing. Digital Maze games provide an accessory learning tool that complements virtually every kind of distance learning and they are easily constructed, starting with a set of 20 multiple-choice questions. Correct "information choices" take you towards the maze exit; but you must THINK your way out of the maze (see our How-to-Play video). NOT being told whether or not your choice was correct is what converts an information-space into a maze puzzle! Within the maze, players are rewarded by tips that appear over time and helpful resources (e.g. specific textbook pages) to help them solve the maze puzzle.

Tip of the Iceberg. While K12 and higher education constitute our core business, recreational usage might one day dwarf these uses. We plan to offer recurring games such as US News of the Day, Science of the Month and The World this Week (ideally in collaboration with prospective partners including e.g. Scientific American and CNN). Serial games can ensure rolling subscriptions by tracking (with permission) such cultural icons as Game of Thrones, The Voice and the NFL. Serial games are feasible because maze games are very easy to produce. Of more enduring value would be maze games intended to educate potential visitors to real world destinations such as the New England Aquarium, Bronx Zoo or the Smithsonian Institute. This also true for durable knowledge bases in e.g. Consumer Health as illustrated by our Asthma 101 and Autism 101 maze games. DM Games can indeed showcase every manner of academic and popular work. A third party evaluation conducted on an early, no-frills version of the game had already documented superior performance over on-line quizzes (Mason Report). But much more important is the value perceived by our most important clients, our students.

MazeFire will be happy to provide a free Demo Game for your book, learning platform or business -- we just need twenty questions to start. And we can help you with that!



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