About MazeFire.com

Our Vision
MazeFire offers rewarding, enlightening learning experiences coupled with the highest academic standards . By expanding our maze game offerings, we hope to make every K12 and college subject, from History to Physics, from Music to Health Science, more fun, more accessible and more intriguing to folk of all backgrounds and ages.

Our Mission
Our present mix of free, fun, educational games offers something for everyone, and should help YOU to explore your interests and knowledge in lively, useful fashion. Our Biology 101 Semester Pak (e.g.) is an engaging review-and-study tool for college freshmen, for SAT-prepping high-schoolers and for 1st year medical students who want to bolster their biological foundation in the face of an ongoing onslaught of medical knowledge. MEDscience Physiology Pak is also intended for upper K12 students.

Who we Are
Donald M. O'Malley, Co-Founder and Inventor of the Digital Maze learning algorithm, has been investigating and publishing neuronal network research for 25 years, with recent emphasis on synaptic learning theory and the parallel evolution of Biological and Artificial Intelligence (see www.biology.neu.edu; www.zfhindbrain.com). His broad experiences (BS from Lehigh in Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. from Harvard Med in Physiology and Biophysics and 4 years active duty in the US Army Chemical Corps) are reflected within our growing and intriguing collection of maze games.

Orion Business Solutions has partnered with MazeFire LLC so as to deliver the best player/student experience across all connected digital devices. Ravindra Jain, NPDP and Orion Co-Founder is serving as MazeFire Chief Technical Officer during our rapid expansion phase. Orion's programming and webware expertise ensures optimal game performance and efficient management of our growing library of educational games and resources.

All our Contributors! MazeFire aims for the highest academic standards by co-authoring or consulting with such experts as Tim Darvill (Stonehenge Mysteries), Hstry.co (History of the Civil War Maze1), Centurion Technologies (Military AirPower 101 and 102) and several top patent law firms (see credits for Patent Law 101 and 102). Much content has been developed at Northeastern University, as e.g. Prof. Barbara Waszczak's Pharmacology 101 Paklet. We collaborate with educators across New England, such as Meridian Academy in Boston, and MEDscience at Harvard Medical School (MEDscience Physiology Pak), and are working to grow our collection into a world-class Academic Resource.

Why Digital Maze Games? Maze + Language ➜ Knowledge
The conjoining of maze exploration with the activation of neuronal reward-systems strongly boosts the learning state of human neocortex. We are, however, more than just maze-running rats: we are the only animal with a massively compositional language system. Linguistic facts are crucial, because without facts you cannot THINK about anything, but facts are just the first step. At MazeFire, we go deeper. Multiple Choice Questions, properly constructed, can probe deeply into relating, building, applying, categorizing, sequencing, aggregating and ultimately understanding. But today, students are rarely challenged to think about what they DO and DO NOT know. The maze experience (i.e. getting lost in information space) leads students to self-critique their knowledge and to acquire/apply knowledge to solve our maze puzzles. At its core, the DM Game is a uniquely engaging, universal learning algorithm that will make EVERY educational venue better.

Brain Training vs. Conceptual Advancement
What makes you intelligent is what you know, what you can express to others and what you can reflect upon. Building your knowledge base is just the first step. Learning new concepts, integrating information across disciplines and critiquing information sources will up your game to where YOU can explore at the frontiers of human knowledge. After that…well that's up to you!

“Instead of training to get smarter, with DM Games you just GET smarter-- usefully smarter.”
                             Donald M. O'Malley, Ph.D.



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