Calling all students! MazeFire games will help you prepare for many subjects, and more games are coming soon. Use the TIPS and, if you are caught going in circles, look stuff up (Google, Wikipedia). You can solve these maze puzzles and, at the maze exits, you will learn many new things. You are no longer limited by what your teacher knows or your textbook says. It is time—Time to Grow your Mind.

Science for the Ages: Starting from a core of Biology and Neurobiology Games, we will rapidly build our Chemistry, Math, Psychology and Physics collections, with the goal of providing a Natural Sciences foundation for all the Erudites in our society. Are you getting ready for College Biology? or SATs, GREs or MCATs? Our Biology 101 Semester Pak and MEDscience Physiology is just for you! Many new Semester Paks will come online in 2015, while more Science for Kids games are also in the works.

What's Fun for You? Our 50-game collection will grow rapidly in 2015, but there's already lots of Technology, Health Care, Academics, Science and Popular Maze Games to help you find subjects that YOU like. Maybe you will become a patent attorney.

How did you Fare? At the Maze Exit, you can see ALL the questions and answers in the maze, along with explanations—and our maze games will help you retain all this material. Or play them again to really lock those synapses into place! All correct answers are marked green and any errors made will show up in red.

Ready...Set...Compete! Play with your friends or your family. Parents, play with your kids and share YOUR knowledge of the Civil War, Rock/Jazz, Philosophy or Military AirPower! Challenge your friends when new games come online. Kids, beat your parents! [Parents: do not beat your kids]. The more subjects you Learn and Review, the greater your academic prowess.

Coming Soon: Badges, Rankings and Certifications. How much of Maze World have you conquered?

PROBLEMS ? Email us at we will answer questions and indeed will help if you get stuck!



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