MSc(Hons) BEng(Hons), APAEWE


David has been in the fire industry for over 20 years and has a diverse knowledge of all aspects of fire engineering and how it relates to the design of buildings. David has successfully delivered fire strategies for complex and innovative designs and has specific expertise in Airport and Mass Transit infrastructure. David has worked with regulators all over the world and understands that you need to convey fire engineering principles to a wide audience. David has expertise in utilising fire engineering techniques such as CFD, SFE, Rad Ana and evacuation analysis to deliver his projects, but understands that practical fire testing can also help deliver answers on the most complex of schemes. He has extensive experience in commissioning and analysing fire tests for facade systems and building fire safety systems.

Airports, rail, hospitals, residential, office, education, hotels, shopping centres, industrial, prisons, sports complexes, CFD, fa├žade testing